We are Honour to have you here with us sir on this great day. for us as agric sports club members we are delighted and inspired .

Out of tight schedule you have find time to raise our morales and to inspire us for what we have achieved at Ilorin 2021 FEPSGA games ..
Sir, grease may not only be applied to your elbows but your entire lubricating systems and that of your management team .

What we are celebrating today came from a very short preparation soon after our election in October 2021. Sir going forward, we are determine to bring more lurels to the ministry under your able watch with on time preparations .
Sir, ladies and gentlemen , as we are all gather here we are celebrating the entire 69 athletes and officials to the annual national civil service games (FEPSGA) 2021 at Ilorin 

Thank you

Engr John Ladong
Sports Manager ASC.