The Department and its various entities deliver the following services:

Overall tas s TO BE CONDENSED

  • initiating, formulating, reviewing and coordinating policies in the Agricultural Sector;
  • planning, developing, monitoring and coordinating plans, projects and programmes, strategies and investments in the Agricultural Sector;
  • maintaining a comprehensive and up to date database on the Agricultural Sector;
  • analyzing the productivity and socio-economic conditions affecting on-farm and agro-industry operations;
  • developing guidelines for improved on-farm and agro-industry operations;
  • facilitating strategies and implementation plans for national food security;
  • defining strategic priorities for the agricultural sector;
  • formulating development strategies, plans and programmes in the agricultural sector;
  • coordinating and integrating the National Agriculture Agenda into sectoral plans and strategies;
  • coordinating the preparation of the sector’s budget framework paper;
  • harmonizing national agriculture sector strategies with regional and international strategies;
  • coordinating matters relating to ICT and Databank Unit as regards the installation, operation and maintenance of the Ministry’s computer hardware and software, Local – Metropolitan – Wide  Area Networks and Website;
  • processing, managing and disseminating information under the Knowledge Management Platform;
  • coordinating and managing Agricultural and Rural Statistics;
  • Coordinating general collection, collation, preservation and dissemination of relevant library information for users within and outside the Ministry.
  • Coordinating the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme [CAADP] and the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.


Collaboration and Partnership Division

  • Handles Bi-lateral and Joint Commission Relations between Nigeria and foreign countries on agricultural sector issues.
  • Responsible for Multi-lateral relations with Development Partners on agricultural sector issues.
  • Coordinates collaboration and partnership matters with relevant MDAs, Development Partners, Organized Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Organizes the Annual World Food Day Celebration.
  • Coordinates Quarterly Inter-Boundary Baseline Survey of Agricultural and Rural Development Projects bordering Nigeria and neighbouring countries.
  • Facilitates Nigeria’s Membership contributions to international organizations
  • In charge of ECOWAS/CAADP and Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Matters on agriculture.
  • Serves as the Secretariat to Development Partners Support Coordinating Committee.
  • Meetings, Workshop and Conferences on Multilateral and Bilateral Relations
  • Coordination of the Annual World Food Day Celebration
  • Organization of Quarterly Baseline Survey of Agricultural and Rural Development Projects bordering Nigeria and neighbouring countries
  • Coordination of Trade and Investment Promotion activities and agricultural commodities
  • Facilitation of Nigeria’s Membership contributions to international organizations

Monitoring and Evaluation Division

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Agricultural programmes, projects and activities undertaken by the Ministry’s Departments, Agencies and Parastatals.
  • Collaborative Monitoring with relevant Agencies including the NBS, BOF, OSGF, NASS, NEIC, NPC and OAGF.
  • Reporting and publication of Monitoring and Evaluation activities through reports derived from monitoring exercises.
  • Budget Tracking via reports on the performance of projects and programmes based on Budget releases to the Ministry and its Parastatals
  • Development of Value Chain Budget & Annual Performance Tracker, Development of Performance Contract of Departments/Agencies and Secretariat to Fortnight Budget Performance Meeting of the Ministry.
  • Collaboration with relevant MDAs to conduct and supervise Capacity Building Training on National M&E System in the Ministry.
  • Coordinating the Knowledge Management activities in the Ministry in collaboration with the UNDP/BMGF Consultant.
  • Constant Monitoring & Evaluation of Agricultural Programmes / Projects undertaken by all Departments and Agencies of the Ministry including its Research Institutes and Colleges.
  • Collaborative Monitoring with:
  • Budget Office of the Federation.
  • The OSGF;
  • National Economic Intelligent Committee;
  • National Assembly;
  • National Planning Commission
  • Accountant general of the Federation, amongst other Agencies.
  • Collaborating with the Information Department to gather and analyze current internal communication and develop plan for improved engagement to enhance existing and implement new internal communications tools and techniques.
  • CHECK Coordinate the maintenance of Ministry’s Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wide Area Network and website etc and train staff on ICT  and related services
  • Provision of computer services, internet network and website to Departments, Agencies and Paratastals of the Ministry through internal and external collaboration.

Library Unit

  • Collection, collation, organization, preservation and dissemination of relevant library information for users within and outside the Ministry
  • Check collection of materials, collation and organization, preservation and dissemination of relevant library information for the staff of the ministry and other users