The Department of Agricultural Land and Climate Change Management Services has made significant strides at implementing a number of programmes and projects in Nigeria. They include;

  • Land/Bush clearing
  • Installation of Automatic Weather Stations
  • Establishment of Pilot Demonstration Farms on Agroforestry (AF), Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Development of Agriculture Risks Profile in Nigeria,
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Agric. Business Support Programme in the Seven States of Savanna Belt (IFAD Donor Assisted)
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Water Harvest Structures/Mini Earth Dams Nationwide to Combat the Negative effect of Climate Change
  • Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation Measures for Agricultural Resilience
  • Reclamation and rehabilitation of Problem soils ( Acidic, Saline & Sodic Soils)
  • Establishment of Nationwide Soil/Land Resources Database Platform
  • African Soil Information Services (AfSIS)/ Nigeria Soil Information Services(NiSIS)