Investors Guide


Invest in fish processing

Canned fish Canned tunaMost of the canned fish consumed in Nigeria today are imported into the country while Nigeria remains second largest fish producer in Africa. Establishment of fish processing factories will provide value added products that can access both local and international market.


Table size fish production

Catfish in pondFish farming is the fastest growing sub-sector of Nigeria. Being the cheapest source of protein which most families depend on, investment in fish farming remains highly lucrative




Establishment of fish feed mill (fish feed production)

Fish feed millThe cost of feeding fish covers the major portion of the cost of fish production taking about 80% of the total cost. Invest in fish feed production, the market is sure, the ROI is great.








Production of ornamental fish for export

Ornamental fish

Ornamental fish trade is one of the least explored but highly profit earning part of fish trade. Nigeria is abundantly blessed with over 300 species of ornamental fishes most of which are highly valued internationally.





Manufacture of fish preservation and storage equipment

Smoking kiln 2

Fish preservation and storage equipment such as insulated box, cold storages, ice and ice flakes makers and gas/electrical/charcoal smoking kilns are among the post harvest equipment useful in the industry. These are highly needed by fishermen and fish farmers to preserve or store their fish and fish products in order to retain their quality to get a better value for their products.






Fibre Glass Tank and Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond Production

fibre glass tank

Due to its mobility, Fibre Glass Tank and Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond are highly sought out for by both large scale and small scale (household) fish farmers. Recently, they are often used for backyard fish farming







Shrimp Farming


Among the fish and fishery products being exported from Nigeria, shrimp is the highest in monetary value; earning the country a considerable amount of foreign exchange. Nigeria shrimp is highly valued in the European countries and is among the fish products certified for export into the United States.







Fish Broodstock Production

A major requirement for a successful and sustainable aquaculture industry is the availability of good quality fish broodstock.Fish broodstock production thus remains a viable always-on-demand aspect of aquaculture.


Investment in Fish Cage and Pen Culture

Cage fish farm

This offers high productivity/yield as the cultured fish such as Tilapia, Catfish, Atlanticcroaker and eel benefits from the rich oxygen and natural foods present within the water body. The local demand for these fish species is high and prospective investors can be assured of a ready market.






Exploitation of Tuna and Pelagic fish resources estimated to have a maximum sustainable yield (MSY) of about 15,000 MT per annum

Tuna Schools in Sea

Over the years, the tuna and the pelagic fish resources of Nigeria deep sea have remain largely un/underexploited despite its potential MSY of up to 15,000 MT per annum. Survey of our deep sea has showed it abounds with lantern fish species useful for the fish meal production, ornamental species and tuna and tuna-like fishes.




Manufacture of fishing gears, canoes and various By-catch Reduction Devices

With over 100 industrial fishing/shrimping vessels and numerous artisanal fishermen fishing in the Nigeria Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), industries that will provide the equipment and inputs needed by this fishing sector will definitely thrive. As such, investors can consider manufacturing the inputs needed by these fishing industries.


Other areas of investment

  • Assembly or Manufacture of Outboard Motors/Engines
  • Outboard Motors/Engine repairs
  • Production of ice for fish storage and preservation
  • Investment in fish seed and fish transportation facilities
  • Investment in fish cold storages and transportation vehicles

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