The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development [FMARD] is saddled with the responsibility of optimizing agriculture and integrating rural development for the transformation of the Nigerian economy, with a view to attaining food security and positioning Nigeria as a net food exporter for socio-economic development.  The Ministry’s vision is to grow Nigeria’s agriculture sector, drive income growth, accelerate food and nutrition security, generate employment, and transform Nigeria into a leading global food market with wealth for farmers.

The policy direction and strategic approach to developing the Nigerian Agriculture Sector is anchored on the current Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) that seeks to build commodity value Chains to unlock the country’s huge agricultural potentials. Thus, the Ministry’s is poised to promote agri-business, encourage rural development, support private sector institutions  and stakeholders for  food security,  raw materials for agro – based industries, diversify employment and agricultural products along commodity value chains,  and generate foreign exchange earnings.