About Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA)


The mandate of the Department is as following:

  • Policies formulation for the development of the Crops Sub-sector
  • Provide advice on matters affecting agricultural development in the country.
  • Identifying, designing and implementing programmes and projects in collaboration with the states and LGAs.
  • Promoting and strengthening the value chains for Trees, Arable and Horticultural crops.
  • Promoting the use of Agricultural technology in line with the best practices to advance agricultural development
  • Promoting agricultural Mechanization, Farm Power utilization and small scale effective water utilization (irrigation) in agricultural practices.
  • Developing and promoting improved Storage handling, Agro-Processing and other Technologies for Post-Harvest food Loss prevention.
  • Promoting Home Economics, Nutrition, Gender mainstreaming and women related programmes in Agriculture.

To make Nigeria self-sufficient in food and fibre production to satisfy domestic needs and create excess for export market.

– To promote and support agriculture as a business by creating the best enabling environment for the private sector to invest, develop and strengthen various value chains associated with agricultural commodity and develop strategic partnership with stakeholders


The Department is structured as follows:

  1. Oil Seeds, Legumes & Fiber Crops: Sesame/Acha,  Groundnut, Soyabean, Cotton, Shea
  2. Root & Tuber Crops: Cassava, Sweet & Irish Potato Potatoes, Ginger
  3. Tree Crops: Cocoa, Oil Palm, Rubber, Cashew
  4. Cereals & Field Crop: Rice, Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Millet, Sorghum
  5. Engineering And Mechanisation
  6. Nutrition, Crop Protection & Food Safety
  7. Horticulture: Fruits & Vegetables
  8. Irrigation Agriculture & Cottage Development

FDA operates with Eight divisions and A Value Chain approach which crosses divisions and departments;