About Farm Input Service


The Department is established as per Executive Council Conclusion No. EC6(99)10, 1999) with the followining mandate:

  • Make available adequate quantities of high quality fertilizers (inorganic and organic) to Nigerian farmers to increase agricultural production, ensure food and cash crop self-sufficiency and also increase farmer’s income
  • Formulation of policy and regulatory framework for the country in collaboration with ECOWAS Sub-Region and D8 Countries
  • Regulate fertilizer quality standards in the country in accordance with item (i) above
  • Develop, promote and adopt the use of organic fertilizer in the country
  • Ensure timely availability and equitable distribution of fertilizer in the country
  • Carry out field trials on pilot basis in collaboration with research institutes on new fertilizer technologies to determine adoption or otherwise
  • Provide policy advocacy on fertilizer including environmental impact assessment
  • Development of the Fertilizer Market nationwide through Public Private Partnership strategy


The Department is structured as follows:

  1. Fertilizer Use and Growth Enhancement Support Division (FGESD)
  2. Inspectorate (Quality Control and Monitoring) Division
  3. Organic Fertilizer Promotion and Development Division (OFPDD)
  4. Technical Support Services Division (TSSD)
  5. National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC)