About Fisheries and Aquaculture


The mandate of the Department is as following:

–           Development of Nigeria’s fisheries resource potentials for self-sufficiency in fish production;

–           Development of modern and effective fish processing and preservation technologies;

–           Fisheries resource conservation and management.

–           Fish Quality Assurance to meet export standards;

–           Issuance of Health Certificate for fish export to the EU and the USA;

–           Licensing of Nigerian flagged Fishing/Shrimping Vessels;

–           Capacity building for the Fisheries subsector;

–           Collection, Collation and Analysis of national fisheries data;


The Department is structured as follows:

  1. Marine Fisheries Resources,
  2. Monitoring Control & Surveillance,
  3. Fisheries Enhancement & Development, Fish Processing, Marketing & Support Services
  4. Fish Health & Disease Management