About Agricultural Land and Climate Change Management Services (ALCCMS)


The Land Resources Services Existed as part of the Land and Water Resources Division of the Federal Department of Agriculture from 1969-1975.  It became a full Division of the Federal Department of Agriculture in 1975 when Water Resources Section became the Ministry of Water Resources.

On the 23rd of April 1980, the establishment of the Federal Department of Agricultural Land Resources was approved by President in Council. The FDALR existed as a full fledge Department of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development until the merger with the Ministry of Water Resources in 2007.  With the merger, the FDALR became a Land Management Division in the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA), but still maintains its mandate and presence in 11 States of the Federation.  The Ministry has been demerged to Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Water Resources.  It is expected that to achieve its mandate further, the Division of Land Management reverts back to its erstwhile status as a full-fledged Department of Agricultural Land Resources (FDALR).


The mandate of the Department is as follows:

  • inventory and assessment of agricultural land resources so as to put them into optimal use and monitor changes in their potential for agriculture;
  • Identification and rehabilitation of degraded agricultural lands affected by drought, desertification encroachment, soil erosion, flood and climate change; and prevent the spread of these natural phenomena to other areas through effective protective measures; and
  • Training of intermediate manpower needs for the national land resources sub-sector
  • Building of national adaptive capacity and resilience in agriculture to support the agricultural sector.


The Department is structured as follows:

  1. Soil Fertility Management Unit
  2. National Soil Testing & Laboratory Management
  3. Land Use Planning &CCMS
  4. Soil Survey and Land Evaluation
  5. Integrated Soil and Water Management