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The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development [FMARD] is responsible for developing the agriculture sector of the Nigerian economy, with a view to growing the sector, driving income growth, accelerate food and nutrition security, generating employment and transforming Nigeria into a leading global food market, through the commodity value chain concept of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA).

The idea is to treat agriculture as a business and not as a development program, concentrate on Value Chains where Nigeria has comparative advantage and develop strategic partnerships to stimulate investment in the country. The Ministry promotes agri-business, encourages rural development, supports private sector institutions and broadens stakeholders’ partnership to facilitate raw materials for agro – based industries, diversify agricultural products along commodity value chains and generate foreign exchange earnings for the country. Minist Brief

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) is a Ministry of the Nigerian government that regulates agricultural research, agriculture and natural resources, forestry and veterinary research all over Nigeria. Established in 1966, the Ministry has the responsibility of optimizing agriculture and integrating rural development for the transformation of the Nigerian economy, with a view to attaining food security and positioning Nigeria as a net food exporter for socio-economic development.

Primarily funded by the Federal Government, the Ministry currently superintends almost fifty parastatals operating as either key departments or agencies across the country.

The Ministry has 2 major departments:

-Technical Departments: Agriculture (Trees and Crops), Fisheries, Livestock, Land Resources, Fertilizer, Food Reserve & Storage and Rural Development.

– Service Departments: Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, PPAS (Plan, Policy, Analysis & Statistics) and Co-operatives. Share4dev

The Ministry’s workforce is 5,133 staff as at March 2015, comprising of the 1,709 Staff at Headquarters staff and staff 3,424 in the States.  In all, establishment has 396 Staff at Directorate level consisting of 25 Directors, 119 Deputy Directors and 252 Assistant Directors.